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UCW 4/9/2015 Results

By Leonard Brand
BAY CITY – Ultimate Championship Wrestling at the Prime Events
Center: Maltese Tiger pinned Blake Acumen…Chris Moore pinned
Lawrence Geter…Trey Miguel & Dominique Fabiano defeated John
E. Bravo & Ingrid Isley…Bryan Castle pinned Brandon
Edwards…Austin Manix pinned Idris Abraham…Heavyweight
champion Hakim Zane defeated Jake Something by
disqualification….Hakim Zane, Sebastian Rose, Trey Miguel,
Idris Abraham, & Bryan Castle defeated The Sandman, Jake
Something, Austin Manix, John E. Bravo, & Chris Moore by


UCW has some words for Dave Duponte! Addresses ECW Originals!

TK Parker had a few words to say this weekend to Dave DuPonte; which included some very interesting notes on a couple ECW originals!

Click below to hear what he had to say!